At Inferno Festival 2018, Costin Chioreanu celebrated 15 years of work under his graphic design studio, TWILIGHT13MEDIA. He discovered Emperor in the cold winter of 1995 and here is what happened!

It is a pleasure to conduct this interview with you, Costin! So, let’s get started first with the idea behind holding this exhibition.

Same here! Well, the idea behind this exhibition was pretty simple. I was already working on some screenings for Emperor and at one point I presented to Ihsahn and Samoth this idea, of illustrating the whole Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk album. They were very excited about it from the very first stages, so this was basically the whole story.

What exactly took place in terms of communications between yourself and Inferno Festival organizers, for them to host this one of a kind event?

This was simple, as doing an art exhibition for the main headliner of the festival. I got in touch with Tor Backlund, the curator of all visual happenings at Inferno 2018 and he really did his best in order to make it as pleasant and as best as possible, at all levels. So, I really want to thank him and Runar and of course, the whole Inferno crew for all the help, as they were amazing.

Can you walk us through your preparations to the exhibition, and tell us about any obstacles you have faced until the time of inauguration?

Well, the single obstacle were the frames. I brought the frames from Oslo, few weeks before the festival, by asking a friend who is living there for few years already. I was pretty sure the frames were having glass not plastic but in the last second, exactly when I arrived at the hotel, I realized that it was exactly the opposite. So, I was forced to take a last-minute decision, and that was to use just the frames, without that silly imitation of glass. So yeah, was not perfect, but it worked.

Why in particular was this exhibition revolving around Emperor’s Anthems to The Welkin at Dusk? How did this concept formulate from the beginning?

Because is my favorite Emperor album, it enhanced all my childhood and all the years after, because they were still playing it in full, so it was just the perfect moment for doing this. I felt like I catch the last train, so to say.

What art pieces other than Emperor’s were showcased in the exhibition?

The main exhibition at the hotel was completely related to Emperor’s album while my exhibition space at Rockefeller included also the five-piece exhibition which I created for Earth Electric, another band from the Inferno festival bill. That exhibition was entitled Tales of The Wind and it had the official premiere in Spain, one week before.

How was the exhibition received by Inferno Festival attendees; tell us more about the experience and what you saw in visitors’ eyes.

It was by all means an enormous success. Also, I was beyond happy to see so many interesting persons attracted by my work. I met a lot of very deep people, some of the musicians, some of them people from the industry and of course, many metal fans. There were many discussions born out of a simple question, many of them longer than half an hour, so I basically spend almost all my Inferno time by talking to people (laughing). It was amazing, really, and it was above any expectation I had.

Based on what criteria did you choose your list of interviewees? Did you also miss out on someone you would have liked to interview, but didn’t happen?

Well, I wanted to have some of the people from the industry, some of the Inferno crew, and of course some Emperor members. Yes, I missed Runar, and I am very sorry for that, but he was too active so every time when I wanted to do it, he was in another place. Next time I guess!


Was the exhibition met with success? And are you planning to hold such type of exhibition in other places too?

It was a tremendous success at all levels, but I don’t think I will repeat it in another place. I think it is very nice to remain like a memory connected with Inferno festival. The Earth Electric exhibition will go on to other places, if some plans will work out.

The exhibition was a held to commemorate Twilight13Media; what projects is your agency working on at the moment?

Yes, 15 years of designing dreams and nightmares (laughing). I am working on many projects now, but I always like to keep it confidential. I like to keep up the magic. But I need to say that I am beyond happy about the new At The Gates video, it was a very tough challenge but in the end turned out amazing. I guess it will be released pretty soon.

What other festivals/countries would you think of showcasing your work in?

I am showcasing my work every year at Roadburn Festival. This year some other places are in works, but I will see, nothing is 100% fixed right now. I would love to exhibit in Portugal, is my favorite place on this planet so far and I really think it might be really interesting.

Is there anything you would like to tell metal fans or bands throughout this interview?

Keep the flame alive, but with a pure heart! Always!