Bölzer swim against the digital media tide and nail it in a total hail by the band’s fans! What’s the story?

We are glad to have this interview with you guys, so we would like to thank you first for the opportunity. So, how was Bölzer formed to come up to the light in the year 2008?

The pleasure is mutual, thank you for the support! HzR and myself became acquainted in 2007 and a plethora of shared interests led us to begin jamming together the following year. I had taken a few years break from making music but somehow our friendship rekindled the flame earlier than anticipated. We were soon sharing a rehearsal space in a bomb shelter where we began defining a direction. Many beers and a few demolished rooms later we were a band.

What influences stand behind Bölzer’s very unique Black/Death metal style?

We listen to a lot of music from a vast array of styles so there is nothing in particular which influences us directly, save passion and honesty. I would like to think we do not “sound like another band”, although that is all subjective, it is not as if we put a lot of emphasis in remaining unique when writing, we just use what feels right to us. Anything we write is the product of lengthy and critical toil, especially on an emotional level. I find it difficult to craft music or lyrics to a standard that I can be satisfied with, given my humble capabilities.

Bölzer’s use of symbolic signs is huge, where is this coming from and what’s the story behind it?

We are particularly fans of minimalist aesthetic, I think that also shows in our music and structure as a band. The striking pragmatic honesty of nature and her forces are definitely of inspiration here. I see our music, logo(s) and general imagery as abstract interpretations of n human interaction with the more turbulent aspects of the natural world. There is some ancient energy present in what we do, I hope people can take something from it.

Since 2008 the band has released one demo, two Eps and a full-length album. But, as you were formed in the year 2008, your first independently released demo titled as ‘Roman Acupuncture’ was released four years later, in 2012. What took you so long?

It was a case of two critics working to carve a style/niche of their own. They were great times, flowing with explosive creativity! We are not ones to force productivity and I think our passionate albeit natural work ethic during the early years set the tone for how we roll now. This is by no means a hinderance as long as quality remains a given.

Your Eps; Aura and Soma sound a lot different in musical style when compared to your first full-length album titled as ‘Hero’. What influenced that change in music writing and composition direction?

I see the primary drive to create as being autonomous of most given factors of influence, quelling rather from an inner need to express what one is experiencing emotionally or spiritually. For whatever reasons. In that sense I cannot define why one release differs to another aside from the fact that I seek to process what I am feeling at any given point in my life and paint an audial picture with the emotions at hand.

In which ways does your lyrical theme affect your sound; and how do you see that in future releases?

Well I always write the lyrics to the music or at earliest simultaneously so personally the two are very inseparable. I will usually have conceptualized the general theme of a release and its lyrical content by this stage, also so everything starts to congeal making it a little easier to channel ideas in a particular direction. I cannot predict what the future holds, hopefully the unexpected! I am excited for the next set of songs, things are coming together well.

Before the end of last year, you mentioned on your Facebook page that Youtube has taken off your ‘Hero’ album, can you tell us what exactly happened?

This was an unfortunate case of ignorant people exercising their democratic right to complain about something they did not understand or harboured resentment for. Some pathetic bedroom activist trying to compensate a miserable existence with bigotry and supposed social justice. These are the same people that either commit or actively support violent and blatantly fascistic acts on others and their property who they deem unsavoury, all in the name of liberal, leftist values?? A perversely hypocritical joke? No, sadly a raw reality anyone thinking outside of the box is faced with currently. But I am not a fan of politics so let’s just leave it at that.

Needless to say, I am anything but discouraged, every obstacle placed on my path by an increasingly misguided society serves as an inspiration in the greater struggle to not meet the same end they have.

Your response to that, by offering discounts on digital downloads via Bandcamp was so much appreciated by your fans, what pushed you to do so?

We felt that some constructive generosity would be an apt reaction to Youtube’s hot-headed fascism( they even blatantly deny one the right to veto a censorship  on their part, opting instead to inform you, the unfortunate offender via automated message that a guilty verdict has been reached with no need for trial…) and rather support a far more savory platform such as Bandcamp, which offers a democratic, no bullshit opportunity for artists to distribute and stream/sell their music/merchandise.

What countries might appeal to Bölzer when you are both thinking of a new country to tour in, and why?

We have had the privilege to play many countries so far, but we have not yet made it to the Middle East or Africa, something we would certainly love to do! Some other destinations would be Japan, China and Indonesia. All these places are exotic, offering sights, sounds and tastes one cannot find as readily in a western context. Bring it on!

Your latest release was in the year 2016; are you currently working on new material with an expected date of release? If so, how do you expect it to sound like?

Yes, we are currently working on a new set of songs, but we do not expect anything to be finished/released before the end of this year. As I mentioned earlier, we have our own pace. Needless to say, the material is proving very atmospheric and heavily imbued with BM aesthetic. It is a darker chapter in the story, we trust you will enjoy it.

As we are now coming to an end to this great talk; would you like to say anything through us to your fans in the Middle East, Africa or the entire world?

Thank you for reading, we appreciate your support and hope to play your corners of the globe sometime soon!