Egyptian Crescent are planning to appear on stage in Egypt and Germany for the spring-summer gigs’ season, after releasing their album in compact disc and vinyl formats.

Blackened Death metal dudes Crescent are on their way to participate in two local and international gigs so far this year. An appearance in Metal Blast gig will take place in April, meanwhile a visit to Germany for Party San is happening in August.

The band has released their 2018 album titled as The Order of Amenti via Listenable Records, and they have also recently received their album vinyl in a limited quantity in bronze.

It is absolutely obvious how media is picking up on Crescent since their label signing and album release, in the shape of magazine and radio interviews, print and video reviews, and more. More media material is expected to come to the surface especially after performing in the band’s two upcoming gigs.

Metal Blast Festival planned to be held in Cairo, Egypt on the 7th of April, will feature Crescent alongside four more heavy metal bands. On the other hand, German Party San is expected to include a bigger number of bands from different countries, to perform in August.

Within their planned appearance in the Egyptian Metal Blast festival, the Egyptian black death band stated the following:

Show up and support the local scene. We have a special set-list for you, celebrating 20 years of existence and the release of our magnum opus The Order of Amenti along with our achievements over the years.

Regarding the visit to Germany, the band issued an announcement on their official Facebook page, a part of which we picked below:

We promised you that we will make it to Europe this year after the release of The Order of Amenti, it makes absolute sense to honor this release by performing at this behemoth of a festival!

It is believed that this year will be even a busier year for Crescent, especially since being signed now to the French label Listenable Records. It could be as well possible to witness the band performing in a Middle Eastern country in the near future.