Emirati  Nervecell Founder & Guitarist Barney Ribeiro is now an official figure among other famous artists on ESP Guitars roster of endorsed artists!
So, it is not only that bands from the Middle East are getting more and more recognized; but their members as well! Emirati Nervecell are celebrating the crowning of their member, Barney Ribeiro who is from Indian/Portuguese origin for a one of a kind endorsement by ESP Guitars.

Barney expressed his excitement and gratitude to the announcement, and stated that since his teenage, listening to metal music, he idiolized all guitarists who played with ESP guitars.

He himself have been on ESP for over a decade now, and has always been in love with the brand itself. He added that this is a dream coming true, and encouraged musicians to be true to their passion.

In addition to that, Nervecell announced the piece of news on their official Facebook page, and most probably they are out for the count until this moment, celebrating this remarkable achievement!


Not only that, but sure thing ESP Guitars published their own page of Barney Ribeiro; and particularly in their endorsed artists section alongside a lot of popular names.

Apart from what has been mentioned, the Emirati Nervecell are embarking on a tour in May; to perform right after Polish giants Behemoth in the PULP Summer Slam 18: Of Good And Evil. The concert will feature Cradle of Filth, At The Gates, Death Angel and more.

This comes right after the band’s expected appearance in Malaysia, also in May. The Malaysian gig is sponsored by Ibanez, Metal East and other great names. Furthermore, and regarding this Asian tour; Taiwan is an expected stop for a gig organized by the Taiwanese Cyun Cai cultural and creative firm.