Egyptian Odious embark on a tour alongside Greek Septic Flesh and American Inquisition in a great exposure act that will certainly magnify the band’s presence

Apparently more and more Egyptian metal bands are having massive opportunities to expose the Egyptian metal essence beyond country borders; so now alongside Scarab and Crescent, Odious is a new Egyptian face on the international stages.

The symphonic oriental black death metal band was founded in the year 1998, not originating from Cairo this time, but from the beautiful city, Alexandria. Odious signed a label deal with the Greek record label Sleaszy Records who actually featured a huge number of artists on their roster. Later on, the band joined the Greek label The Leaders Group, based in Kallipoli, Greece.

Odious have embarked on a tour that includes the legendary Greek Septic Flesh, and the American Inquisition. The tour started in early January of this year, and was scheduled to take place in almost 12 countries, with an approximate number of shows that reached 22.

The tour poster featured cropped images of Septic Flesh and Inquisition members, in addition to the Egyptian band’s logo, seen as below

More images from the band’s performance are shown below, documenting their European tour alongside the two big names; Septic Flesh and Inquisition.

By the end of March 2018, Odious have posted a drum-cam video from one of their gigs included in the European tour, performing their song New Mystery off their album titled as Skin Age.

The band hasn’t produced any new tunes since the release of their 2015 album titled as Skin Age, the album that was recorded in DevaSoundz studios in Greece, and mastered in the Swedish Studio Fredman located in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Whom might Odious tour with next, is a question that most probably will feature an interesting answer. The duo, Bassem Fakhri and George Boulos have posted lots of images from their European tour on their Odious Official Facebook page; you can check that out here.