The Syrian Metal Is War documentary reveals personal experiences of bands and nevertheless, metal heads in a war-torn Syria between mid-2013 and late 2014

As mentioned by the film’s producer; the movie is an absolute personal attempt and therefore is in a way limited to certain resources. Two guys, one mission awarded with at least a successful exposure to how things have been working out for heavy metal bands and metal fans in Syria.

Movie producer, Monzer Darwish stated the following on the movie’s official Facebook page:

The footage and project traveled with me across continents, starting in Syria and following through to Algeria, Turkey, Greece, and the Netherlands. I carried it with me while applying for asylum, and it kept me going despite being entirely depleted of both will and resources to continue.

The movie was shot with a phone camera and a DSLR; Sam Zamrik, a friend of the movie producer, Monzer, worked on the linguistic presentation of the film, including interviews, translations, and creative writing. A joint project that is just fascinating to hear about and to see coming to life.

Now, let us talk money; the film became a reality through crowd funding efforts done by both Monzer and Sam’s friends in Switzerland. The fund raising was mainly to fulfill different shooting needs such as video gear. Later on, the movie ended up with a total duration of two hours, the duration which was reduced to 90 minutes, in an attempt to fit in international movie festivals.

Syrian Metal Is War

Several attempts to push the movie towards that direction failed, and the movie is currently on YouTube, for the public to watch. Nevertheless, the film crew have mentioned that they are accepting donations to the film, as opposed to ticket sales or any revenue. Donations can be made here

Despite what has been just mentioned, a 30-minute roughcut was screened at the 6th Norient Musikfilm Festival that was held in Bern, Switzerland.

Moreover, Syrian Metal is War documentary features metal bands’ as well as metal fans’ stories in a simple way with a dialogue that only focuses on the metal music and its struggles during the ongoing war.