Norwegian Immortal return back, this time without Abbath after 7 years of absence to finish a new album that is expected to be launched soon by Nuclear Blast. But what do fans actually expect?

The Norwegian legend Immortal have released an official statement early this month, to mark the completion of their expected album.

Produced by the brilliant Peter Tägtgren, and released by the giant Nuclear Blast; band fans couldn’t stop themselves from expressing their loud thoughts in the post comments.

Release date has not been set yet, but the band posted a track-list as well as the band’s current line-up after Abbath’s exit.

Moreover, like mentioned, comments hammered the post between a supporter to Abbath’s departure and an opposer to the action.

Band supporters, but who stood against Abbath’s withdrawal stated their anger in different ways, a comment of which stands below:

Not Immortal without Abbath

While other fans of the band, expressed how disappointing Abbath was to them, and hailed the band’s album post.

Can’t wait… ABBATH solo was a disappointment for me

It is so much believed, that this coming album will be a very interesting piece when it comes to music writing, production and concept, especially after the turbulent times Immortal apparently had to go through.

Moreover, the band announced dates for the upcoming release in an official Facebook statement.

Immortal also mentioned that all Pre-orders for the new album will go live on May 11th via Nuclear Blast Records.