According to the Washington based news and information provider in the Inland Northwest, named as Spokesman-Review, Polish beasts Decapitated have been cleared from all rape and kidnap charges.

Images belong to The Spokesman-Review

Decapitated have been posting a number of social network messages to their audience since the arrest took place in late 2017, and after their concert that was held by the end of August.

Press mentioned that the woman who raised the lawsuit stated that she was held in the band’s bus, and that she was violently raped by each member in the bathroom, forcing her to perform sexual acts. She also added that they kicked her off the bus once they were done with her.

More evidence came to the light with written testimonies that might have been standing behind the case drop. Following the dismissal, lawyers announced that band members were relieved and looking to get back home.

Throughout different social media networks, members of Decapitated sent a sincere and heartfelt thanks to all who supported them during this difficult time, including fans, friends, and family. The incident has certainly affected the band members’ lives, yet as now cleared, there might be something in the pipeline for the band’s 2018 discography.

Decapitated‘s latest release titled as ‘Anticult’, was launched in the year 2017 via the giant Nuclear Blast Records. Yet, the album has received different reviews, most of which were not in favor of the album.

No further updates from the band were visible since their release from jail, but one post on the band’s official Facebook page regarding rare merchandise items (See below).

The post received a massive number of comments, some of which were astonished at part of the sentence that said:

” We have launched a MYSTERY SALE to clear what is owed to our merch company “.

Some merchandise companies even wrote back saying that there is no way that was happening, and offered contact suggesting to work with the band in a more — fair way.


Moreover, and in March of this year, Decapitated issued an official statement on their Facebook page, that features the following declaration:

Back on track again; Decapitated will be performing alongside Meshuggah during this June, and August in Krakow, Poland. Additionally, another appearance in the UK through Mammothfest will take place in October of this year.