Unsettled American Inquisition are pulled off Season of Mist, and are replaced by fellow American Goatwhore to join Satyricon in their Latin American tour.
After turbulent times hit the American black metal act Inquisition; it was recently announced that their fellow American buddies Goatwhore are now joining Satyricon on their Latin American tour. Inquisition have stated on their Facebook page that they are dropped off the tour, the piece of news that wasn’t less painful that being dropped by their French label; Season of Mist.


Moreover, both bands; Inquisition and Satyricon officially announced the Latin American tour changes on social media, summed up below.

Worth to mention also, that the French label Season of Mist posted their break-up with no further comments on what is going on with their roster-ed band Inquisition.


Inquisition’s frontman Dagon stated that he has never been involved in child pornography and that what was found on his computer were mere adult material. He also mentioned that he wished to remain focused on music and the art of black metal.

Back to the subject, Goatwhore will be also performing live in two more summer festivals; Into The Grave and Summer Breeze during August of this year. The band’s latest release was a single titled as Command to Destroy, launched through Decibel. No further information regarding any expected studio work has been revealed yet.