A very interesting motto adopted by the American Black Yoga reveals an absolutely bold message; You can’t fully appreciate the light until you understand the darkness!
Well, this is not your ordinary yoga class if you are ever thinking that way. With a motto that says – You can’t fully appreciate the light until you understand the darkness; Black Yoga (with three open brackets – the way Sunn O))) does it) is just offering things the other way around.


Stated by the American founders, Black Yoga‘s goal is to create that meditative space influenced by heavy vibes and tunes of drone, stoner metal, space doom and even industrial and noise music to assist people who might be battling all modern age sicknesses.



In addition to the actual yoga classes that the foundation conducts; the foundation also offers their yoga music for sale alongside their official t-shirt that definitely looks like something Sunn O))) – the drone metal masters would design because of the remarkable similarity between both logos.

Black Yo)))ga-T-shirt

Digitally, Black Yoga offers their own musical mixes throughout Mixcloud.com, and apparently these guys are actually consistent in what they are offering, the thing that probably draws smiles on grim faces!

Kimee Massie, Black Yoga possible founder and Yoga trainer names herself as a cult leader in the Black Yo)))ga foundation especially being there since the year 2012. Kimee holds a wide expertise in conducting Yoga classes in the US since years and she actually combines her classes with mix-tape soundtracks compiled by Scott Massie & Chad Hammitt of the Innervenus Music Collective; which is a collective of musicians based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that has been active since the year 2001.

A great move, more heavy metal influence is growing in everyday life activities, and certainly more to come in astonishingly different ways.