The Norwegian Midgardsblot is one exciting event that features a marvelous line-up this year, so make sure you do not miss the tunes, viking markets, exhibitions and craft-beers!

Held in the smallest county in beautiful Norway, Vestfold, Midgardsblot is about to launch their 2018 gig in August with an absolutely remarkable band line-up, featuring big names such as Watain, Rotting Christ, Ensiferum and Dimmu Borgir who are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary; parallel to a roster of rising stars such as the Norwegian Mork.

The festival has achieved great success all over the years since its birth in the year 2015, and is more and more featuring more exciting programs and bands.

Recently, Midgardsblot posted images from their fantastic looking festival books that have been there since the festival’s birth in 2015. The amazing images are the work of the talented photographer Roy Bjørge .

These images appearing are the exclusive property of Roy Bjørge and are protected under International Copyright laws

The concert will be held on the 16th of August for three consecutive days, and tickets are offered in different categories. Like always, the festival features live performances, viking battles, a viking market, guided tours, exhibitions and even craft-beer tasting!

A number of sponsors are supporting this beautiful event, featuring Vesfold fylkeskommune, Scream Magazine, Midgard Historisk Senter, Grimfrost, Kulturrådet (Arts Council Norway) as well as Horten Kommune.

Right before the end of January 2018, Midgardsblot posted a video on their official YouTube channel to welcome its fans from all over the world to attend this remarkable gathering; we also have it here for you!

Throughout a casual talk with Runa Stridin, the founder and artistic director of the festival, Runa gave us the following statement

“ We are so lucky that we can have the festival at the Borre park among Scandinavia’s largest Viking grave mounds where the mighty rulers of the Norwegian Vikings were laid to rest. It’s like Norway’s equivalent of the pyramids I say” She continues “Our main stages are put up by the great hall, Gildehallen, which is a unique reconstruction of a grand Viking mead hall. So, at Midgardsblot you’ll experience some exceptional concerts in unique and historical surroundings. “


Runa added, “Midgardsblot is an innovative festival expanding the traditional concept of music festivals, by offering enriching cultural experiences in addition to concerts; guided tours, panel discussions, lectures, films and exhibitions. At Midgardsblot you step into the world of the Vikings and you can learn about the Viking way of life in our Viking Village Fólkvangr, join one of our beer or mead tastings in the Gildehall or challenge your strengths in Viking sports. Our festival camp is on the beaches under the great oak trees where we have huge bonfires every night where people from all over the world gathers after the concerts. Midgardsblot is a magical place and I invite you all to our Blot in August.




Finally, there are more bands to be announced on the way, latest of which were Perturbator, Runahild and the Algerian band Acyl. Moreover, the festival sets some rules for attendance, with free age limit at the festival area, admission with parents for those who are under 16, and free entry for children under 12 years old.