The book, Lords of Chaos is a book that is now coming to the silver screen, how credible could that be among a storm of criticism?

The Lords of Chaos book was published by the American publishing company, Feral House in 1998. The edition that was followed by a second revised edition in 2003, adding around fifty pages more to the original book (ISBN 0-922915-94-6). Furthermore, a German version was published in the year 2002 followed by a revised edition in the year 2005.

“goodreads” reviewers gave the book a score of (3.76/5).

Aside from all of that, and away from the content of the book, the quality and credibility that has been debated by some; a film about the book is on the way to the Sundance Film Festival 2018! A step that was taken by the Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund who is postproducing the film starring Emory Cohen, Rory Culkin, Jack Kilmer and Sky Ferreira.

The movie which is a collaboration between the Swedish director and a UK based production house, is planned to be released during the Sundance Film Festival 2018.

Behind that, and all through last year and even earlier times, bands which the books revolve around have expressed absolute discontent with the concept in many different ways.

Norwegian band Darkthrone declared it throughout their official Facebook page with the following comment:


Meanwhile, the Norwegian legendary band Mayhem stated the following:

They contacted everybody behind our backs, our crew members, all kinds of people associated with us in a very sneaky way.  It’s the wrong approach. You make a movie of a band? The first people I would contact would be the band and ask for permission to use their music. Don’t come afterwards because we won’t authorize it.

And finally, Burzum‘s Varg Vikernes expressed his dissatisfaction through his Youtube channel by the end of last year, with a video that slams the film and the concept behind it.

And recently, the Icelandic Avant-Rock band Sigur rós are said to have provided music for the film; the news that was published on some portals in January.

On the other hand, a video posted by Deadline Hollywood, a website specialized in breaking news in the entertainment industry showed the film crew talking about the movie. The video was published by the end of January and received a 100+ comments since then; most of which negate the validity of the movie.

Now, step aside, because even the Norwegian news giant Dagbladet wrote about the story with a strong headline (Translated to English: The Black Metal movie got a ‘music-no‘ from Mayhem, the producer says the opposite).

The story that was written by Sofie Braseth tackled the many sides of the story, with quotes by Mayhem members, and words from the movie director Jonas Åkerlund.

No one actually knows how this will end up, but without doubt, more comments, actions and statements will certainly come to the surface once the movie has been watched by many.