An interesting glimpse into the history of Mayhem’s Euronymous Helvete records store, and its current name Neseblod, identity and the music experience visitors could grasp when visiting the Norwegian capital city.

It is very interesting to watch this being handled through a cultural scope; VisitOSLO which is the official marketing organization for the Norwegian capital city, Oslo, and its surrounding regions recently launched their documentary video about Mayhem’s Euronymous Helvete store (currently known as Neseblod Records).Part of the company’s role is being responsible for other services such as the official tourist information office Oslo Visitor Center.

The documentary video is a walk-through to one of Norway’s most historical heavy metal venues, and the place that witnessed a lot of stories related to black metal music since its birth in Norway.

The Norwegian black metal band Mork expressed their pleasure in participating in the making of the video’s soundtrack via a statement on their official Facebook page.

Mork is a black metal band that hails from Halden, Norway. The band was born in the year 2004, releasing their first demo in the year 2007, and a full-length album 6 years later.

The band’s latest releases is titled as Eremittens dal, and it was launched in 2017 under Peaceville Records.


 So, the video? Yes! Stream and enjoy this short and cool trip to Norway’s living treasure, a black metal one! 

VisitOSLO is not the first authority that highlights Euronymous’s shop Helvete; many others did, such as Hey, Norway which is actually a big blog done by a Brazilian who lives in Norway.

These guys also filmed a documentary walk-through visit to the Neseblod records store. The video is available with English subtitles below.

Finally, old Helvete store is a must-see historical spot that shines with the essence of black metal, its past, present and possibly future!