Gylve Fenriz Nagell, the legendary member of Darkthrone has posted something on the social network Facebook that drove people crazy with comments.

Fenriz (Gylve) stated that he has received a heritage document that unexpectedly shows Argentinean roots. The document was shared by the band via their official Facebook page, driving people insane with an enormous number of comments.

Hundreds of funny comments landed on Darkthrone’s Fenriz post, among which a highly “liked” comment was as follow:

This makes putting “Norsk Arisk Black Metal” on the back of the CD quite ironic. Can I hope to see “Norsk Argentinean Black Metal” on the back of the next Darkthrone album?

Darkthrone replied back to some of the comments in a very relaxed, happy manner; the thing that just kept more comments on the post coming their way.