Seems that producing heavy metal movies is a phenomenon that is absolutely going big nowadays; this time crafted by the hands of the Finns to produce this cool comedy movie, Hevi Reissu.

Hevi Reissu, English translated into ‘Heavy Trip’ seems to be a must-see heavy metal movie, if you are a heavy metal-movie fanatic! Moreover, the film’s production budget reached 3 million Euros; to be considered as the most expensive comedy film produced in Finland so far.

The movie is directed by Jukka Vidgren and Juuso Laatio, and produced through the Finnish production house Making Movies Oy (Ltd.) which has been producing various movies since the mid nineties.

Movie hero Turo, aged 25, is trying to lead the worst heavy metal band in Finland named as Impaled Rektum to the coolest metal gig in Norway. The band’s journey features metal music, grave robbing and even an armed conflict between Finland and Norway.


Hevi reissuImages are the courtesy of ©MakingMovies2017

In more explicit words, the movie producer gave the following statement regarding Hevi Reissu

The film Heavy Trip combines the best export products of Finland – heavy metal-music, beautiful scenery of Lapland and humor

The movie will have its world premiere during the South by Southwest American festival, held in Austin, Texas. The festival is considered to be one of the important events showcasing new talents in the music and film industry from all over the world.

You can always check more news about the movie launching and screening through the producing company’s website. In addition to that, follow more social media updates about the movie here.

Hevi Reissu Film Trailer

It is believed that we will see more and more of heavy metal movies as time goes by; more exposure, stronger impact on the human culture and more heavy metal fans are expected results for that.

Hevi Reissu movie crew have also released some shots from the making of the movie, we chose the following ones just for you.

Another cool video featuring Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth was posted on the heavy metal movie’s Facebook page, debating the validity of the band’s name.

Recently as well, Norwegian massive metal gig Inferno have announced that the movie will also be shown during the festival.


This came through the festival’s official Facebook page, the announcement that stated the following:

Welcome to the Norwegian Premiére of Heavy Trip – Saturday 31. March | 15:15 | Scandic St. Olavs Plass | Edderkoppen Scene | 100,- NOK.